Dive into the fray with the 3D Burbot Tube – a predatory masterpiece born from the fierce depths! Crafted from a 3D scan of an actual burbot, this lure stands head and shoulders above the rest with unparalleled lifelike precision. Get ready for an onslaught of aggressive strikes, as the 3D Burbot Tube boasts features that are engineered for dominance in every underwater confrontation.

    • 3D Scanned Precision: This lure is no mere imitation; it's a perfect replica of a burbot, down to the finest details. Fish won't know what hit them.
    • Collapsible Body: The hollow tube collapses upon the predator's bite, exposing the hooks for a flawless hookup. It's an ambush they won't see coming, and the 3X BN Carbon steel trebles and and X-strong forged stainless steel split rings ensure a vice-like grip.
    • Variable Sink Rate: Customize your approach with the variable sink rate. Keep the belly disc for a fast descent or remove it for a more moderate sink. The power is in your hands!
    • A magnetic force in the water: Our lure's tentacles movement invites strikes. The rotating tail blade amps up aggression and the built-in rattle turns it into an irresistible dinner bell, luring predators in.
    • 1.4MM Jointed Inner Harness: Perfected for the pull and sink action, the jointed inner harness design is a game-changer. It's a relentless performer both on retrieve and fall, provoking strikes with unmatched precision.
    • Scented
    • 10", 6.5 oz

Savage Gear 3D Burbot Tube

  • Brands Savage Gear
  • Product Code: 3DBurbotTube
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  • $22.99

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