Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a catalog that you could send me?

A: We do not have anything in print. While print catalogs can be great to look at, we pride ourselves in having a 100% real time inventory system online and we feel that a print catalog would go against what we strive to be known for. We don't want there to be any questions about what we have or do not have and what is in stock or not. So we will continue to stay focused on our online inventory system.


Q: I am trying to order 3 of a particular color, but it will only let me add 1 to my cart. What am I doing wrong?

A: Our real time inventory system will only allow you to add to your cart the maximum number that we have in stock.

Q: So does that mean I get 20% off per your in stock guarantee.

A: No, our real time inventory system is what allows us to offer this guarantee. If you are able to proceed through the checkout process with something that is out of stock, this is where the in stock guarantee kicks in. We hope that this will never happen to you. But if we have a data entry error, this can be a possibility. And we will discount your order for the inconvenience due to our mistake.


Q: When will my order ship?

A: We ship EVERY order with the same sense of urgency. This means that all orders ship the same day or very next shipping day whenever possible. Because we are a small family owned company, there may be rare occasions when this is not possible. But we do not want any order to sit here for longer than 24 hours if we have any control over that. If we receive an order and only have 10 minutes to get it to our shipping location and we still have time to pack your order quick enough to get it out that day, this is exactly what will happen.


Q: I forgot to add something to my order. Can I still add to it?

A: Contact us ASAP in this situation. We are very often packing up your order within minutes after it is received. If we are close to the deadline to getting your order to the post office that day, it may be too late. But if it hasn't left the building, we will be happy to add the item to your order.


Q: Do you have overnight or any expedited shipping options?

A: We handle these situations on an individual basis. All orders are shipped with a sense of urgency and typically arrive very quickly. Very often, expedited shipping options are much more expensive and may not be necessary to get your order to you when you need it. But please contact us with your specific needs on where you are located and when you need an order by and we can discuss available options and costs.


Q: I placed an order but I did not get any confirmation. Did it go through?

A: Any order placed should receive an email confirmation. Check your spam folder if you did not see one. Also, please make sure your email address is entered correctly. It is common that we see typos. All that said, email is not perfect. On rare occasions, the confirmation emails get lost in cyber space or some email providers filter them out for whatever reason and you never see them. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us to ask for your order status. Creating an account on the website is also a great way to be able to quickly check your "order history" to make sure an order went through should an email confirmation not arrive.


Q: It says my credit/debit card was declined. Why did this happen?

A: Please make sure all information is entered correctly. We have security settings in place to protect both you and us from fraud. Common information that is entered incorrectly is the billing address, the expiration date on the credit card and the security code on the credit card. If you are unable to determine the reason please contact us and we may be able to help determine the reason for you.


Q: Do you have tracking for my order?

A: We have tracking information sent through after your shipping label has been printed. If you do not receive it, please contact us by email and we can have it resent. If your order is shipped with a different shipping method or direct from another company, we will have tracking information sent (if we have it) with the "order shipped" email confirmation that goes out.


Q: It's been a week since I received my order shipped email and I still haven't seen it. Do you know what's going on?

A: If you are located in the United States, most all order should arrive in 3 days or less, taking holidays and Sundays into account. Don't hesitate to contact us if you haven't seen your order in this time and we will see if we can figure out where it might be or what is going on.


Q: Is delivery guaranteed in 3 days?

A: We ship the majority of orders via First Class or Priority Mail. While they typically arrive in 3 days or less, they are not guaranteed in that time.


Q: I have a Visa gift card worth $50. But my order is going to be for more than that. Can I use the gift card and a credit card to pay for the balance?

A: We suggest purchasing a MTO gift certificate off the website for the value of your gift card. You will receive an automated email with a gift voucher code for that amount that can then be used to place your order with two payment methods. Please know that while this automated email should come through right away, we have to manually approve the gift voucher code before it can be used. So there may be a slight delay in being able to use it. Like always, if there are any questions on if it has been validated, do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: I have 2 MTO gift cards but it is only letting me enter one at a time. Can I use both on my order?

A: Our system only allows one gift voucher code to be used at a time. But if you email both numbers to us, we can combine the total value on to one for you so that you may use them both on a single purchase.


Q: Why did my rod, bump board or net take longer to ship than the rest of my order?

A: Those items ship direct from the manufacturer. We forward your order to them immediately upon receipt. But they do not typically ship at the same speed as MTO. It may take a few days, depending on their schedule.


Not a question, but just our own personal FYI. We can be contacted by email or phone. But know that email is almost always the quickest and most efficient means to reach us. We return all emails and phone calls as soon as we possibly can. Very often, this can be within just a few minutes. But if you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please reach out to us again. If you have not heard from us, this almost certainly means that we did not receive your message. It could be an email that didn't reach us for some reason. Or a message left via phone where a return number is not left or we are not able to make out what was said on the message. A bad connection or just not speaking clearly can cause this.

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