Whale Tail Plastics

Whale Tail Plastics

Formerly Peterson Lures. Whale Tail Plastics is home of the Whale Tail muskie lure.

Professional guide Josh Borovosky had the following to say after using a prototype Whale Tail in the fall of 2018.

“At first glance, you might think it just looks like a big grub – so what? That was my first impression as well when I got to play with the prototype last year.

“The bait itself has an internal harness, a wide grub-shaped tail, and comes with screw-in weights to adjust the depth to your liking. If you look closely, you’ll notice a small cup at the end of the tail – this is responsible for the bait's erratic kicking action.

“I got the bait in November, so I threw in a couple heavy weights to get it down deep, and it didn’t take long to put my first Whale Tail musky in the bag. We caught 7 fish on the prototype over the next few days. Not only was it catching fish, but it was doing it from the back of the boat behind other dominant baits I typically lean on that time of year, during what many on the lake were calling a “tough bite”.

“Musky #8 grabbed the tail and didn’t get any hooks, then proceeded to play a surprisingly long game of tug-of-war before finally tearing off. The prototype was out of commission and the fun was over. Unfortunately, I was not able to get another one before the lake froze over (despite begging).”

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