International Shipping

All International shipping is provided through the U.S. Postal Service via either Priority or First Class Mail. Please see below for the estimated shipping charges that will show in your shopping cart during checkout. You will be charged the lesser of this estimate and actual shipping charges which will be determined once the total weight of your package is determined.

Note: The USPS has temporarily suspended shipping to some countries, including Russia and Belarus. There is no indication on when shipping to these countries may resume.

Priotiy Mail - Available on any size order

This is generally the quickest option with typical delivery times of 6 to 10 days. However, please note that International shipping can be very unpredictable due to customs and other factors. Priority Mail also has tracking available which we will have emailed to you after your order has shipped. Tracking tip: After the package leaves the United States, tracking updates can sometimes stop or be lacking. We suggest checking your home country's tracking system rather than the United States Postal Service at that time, as you will often find more detailed updates. Again, this isn't always the case. And just because you are not seeing updates does not mean your package is not moving through the system. Just like transit times can be highly variable, the same goes for the tracking updates that may or may not show.

First Class Mail - Available only on orders under $100 USD

Only available on smaller/lighter packages. This is the cheaper shipping option. But it is generally slower and there is typically limited tracking available. We do NOT recommend this option because it can take a very long time. However, many of our customers want us to offer this due to the lower costs. Therefore, we are willing to offer it on smaller orders. But please know that we can NOT guarantee delivery on orders choosing International First Class shipping. Shipping times are typically 1 to 2 weeks but often times take longer, sometimes much longer. Again, like Priority Mail, customs can make delivery times very unpredictable. Each country is different in how they handle customs.

Due to limited tracking with First Class Mail and no insurance available on this shipping method, the customer assumes all responsibility when choosing this shipping option. We are not able to refund or reship lost packages when choosing this shipping method. For this reason, we always encourage people to choose Priority Mail. Musky Tackle Online will not be held accountable for packages with unknown whereabouts. If you choose First Class Mail and you contact us to inform us that you have not received your package, please know that there may be no information that we can provide you that will help you determine where your order is. Your package is likely delayed due to customs. While it's possible that First Class Mail could arrive in 5 days, it's also possible that it could take 2 or 3 months or more. Choose this shipping method at your own risk.

Customs/Duty Fees

There are no customs fees charged by Musky Tackle Online or the U.S.. However, you will be responsible for any additional customs handling fees, duties and/or taxes charged by your home country. Because each country is different, and these fees change often, we do not know these fees. Your local post/customs office can give you this information.

If any international order is refused upon delivery for any reason, all customs & duty charges may be billed to you by Musky Tackle Online. Once a package enters your country these charges may not be reversible whether the package is delivered to you or not. If the carrier charges any return shipping fees, those will also be assessed. Orders may be returned after receipt if there are any problems. Please be aware of all related charges when ordering.

Prepaid Customs/Duty Fees - CANADA ONLY

A new feature that we are able to offer is a shipping option that has duties and taxes prepaid. Your package will be delivered directly to your door with fewer delays and no additional fees. No more wondering how much extra you will owe from customs, as this amount will have already been paid as part of this shipping option, should you choose to select it.

Shipping Delays

Like mentioned above, delays with international shipping are common. We can not make any guarantees on delivery times. While more often than not, packages will arrive in the above estimated transit times, delays of one or two months or even longer can happen with all classes of international shipping.

CANADA - International Shipping - U.S. Postal Service (all values USD)

Priority MailRateFirst Class MailRate
Up to $14.99$30Up to $29.99$22
$15 to $24.99$31$30 to $49.99$24
$25 to $34.99$32$50 to $74.99$29
$35 to $44.99$33$75 to $99.99$34
$45 to $54.99$34  
$55 to $74.99$35  
$75 to $99.99$36  
$100 to $124.99$38  
$125 to $149.99$40  
$150 to $174.99$43  
$175 to $199.99$44  
$200 to $299.99$45  
$300 to $399.99$46  
$400 to $499.99$51  
$500 to $599.99$55  
$600 to $1000$59  

You will be charged actual shipping if shipping costs are less than these. These are the maximums you will be charged.

We have added UPS as a shipping option for Canada for those that need their orders quickly. This will be the most reliable option to select if time is an issue, as they can arrive in as few as 2 days and usually in less than a week. Costs for UPS upfront will be cheaper. But please be aware that the customs/brokerage fees that UPS will charge you to deliver will make this a more expensive option.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES - International Shipping - U.S. Postal Service (all values USD)

Priority MailRateFirst Class MailRate
Up to $14.99$44Up to $29.99$30
$15 to $24.99$46$30 to $49.99$38
$25 to $34.99$48$50 to $74.99$45
$35 to $44.99$50$75 to $99.99$51
$45 to $54.99$52  
$55 to $74.99$53  
$75 to $99.99$54  
$100 to $124.99$56  
$125 to $149.99$58  
$150 to $174.99$60  
$175 to $199.99$62  
$200 to $299.99$72  
$300 to $399.99$82  
$400 to $499.99$95  
$500 to $599.99$110  
$600 to $1000$125  

You will be charged actual shipping if shipping costs are less than these. These are the maximums you will be charged.

Shipping to the United Kingdom

Unfortunately, as of 2021 as the result of Brexit, UK laws now require that we have to be registered to collect and pay VAT on any orders that we ship to the United Kingdom. We are not registered and able to do this. So we are no longer able to ship to the UK at this time.

That said, we do have customers that will utilize parcel forwarding companies when ordering from us. Here's a site that explains that service and provides some options as well.