Other Tools

Other Tools

Stealth Tackle Line Spooler

The Stealth Tackle Line Spooling Station features an adjustable spring-loaded tension-control system..


Xuron Split Ring Pliers

Xuron 496 Split Ring Pliers. Curved catch tip opens ring then securely grasps it, simplifying instal..


Luhr Jensen Hook File

New and improved hook sharpening file from Luhr Jensen. It has the same look as their old hook file...


Naze Baits Hook File

Every muskie angler knows that sharp hooks are essential to safely and efficiently land a trophy. Th..


Tyrant Tackle Hook File

File is 4". Overall length including handle is 7 3/4"...


Rapala Super Line Scissors

Serrated cutting edge specially designed to grip and hold tough braided line for easy, non-slip cutt..


AFW Econo Crimping Pliers

These Carbon Steel crimping pliers have four dies designed to crimp double barrel leader sleeves. Du..


Hi-Seas Pro Hand Swager

The same as the popular Carbon Steel model AFW Econo Crimpling Pliers only drop forged from stainles..


AFW Crimping Tool

This crimping tool is for single barrel crimps up to size #6...


AFW Stainless Steel Wire Looping Pliers

Use to bend wire into uniform loops every timeGreat for making your own rigsComfortable handles surr..



Mend-it is a "non-glue" which binds soft plastic baits together by chemically "melting" them, creati..


Musky Mayhem Shrink Tube - 4 Pack

A 4 pack of Musky Mayhem's shrink tube. Perfect for when you need to replace hooks on your Musky May..


Pro's Soft Bait Glue

Musky Tackle Online recommends Pro's Soft Bait Glue as the best fishing glue on the market. Let’..


Phantom Lures Glue

Replacement Tail Adhesive. More pure than a typical store bought super glue type substance for a str..


Suick Lures - 7 Piece Weight Kit

This 7 piece weight kit from Suick is designed to customize your Suicks to add more weight to reach ..


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