About Us

Established in 2005, Musky Tackle Online is your source for the musky lures and other tackle that are in demand in our growing sport of musky fishing. Our online store began after experiencing other online shopping experiences and realizing that something was missing. We wanted to create the best online shopping experience for dedicated musky fishermen like ourselves. Not only is excellent pricing and selection important, but our absolute number one priority will always be service. Without good customer service, the rest of what we offer would not be worth much. Good customer service not only involves personal interaction with our customers, but the overall shopping experience. From the ease of use of the website, to speed of our shipping, to knowing that what you add to your cart is in stock and you will receive. It's the total overall shopping experience from beginning to end where our service stands above the rest. So shop Musky Tackle Online with confidence knowing that you are going to get the best deals and best service in the industry.

Please contact us if you ever have questions about the website, suggestions on what you would like to see us carry, etc. We are a small, family owned business. And with our primary focus on our online shop, we do not have set hours when we are available to answer the phone. So if you call and we don't answer, please leave a message or send us an email. We return all calls as soon as possible. But email is our most efficient means of getting back to you, as we can do that at any time of the day or night, and whether we are at the shop or not. Is it 11:00 at night and you have a question? Shoot us an email. You'll very likely receive a response yet that night!

Contact Info

Email is the quickest and most efficient means to reach us: sales@muskytackleonline.com

Phone: 218-568-6689 (landline number - no texting)

During busy times, it is very difficult for us to answer the phone because we make filling orders placed online and responding to emails our top priority. We will return all messages as quickly as we can. But please be aware that we will be able to respond to emails much quicker.