Joe Bucher Outdoors

Joe Bucher Outdoors

Bucher Baby Depth Raider

The lip on this lure gets it down deep and produces an action that draws in all sizes of muskies, pi..


Bucher Jointed Baby Depth Raider

Built rugged like the 8 inch model only scaled down for fish looking for smaller prey. 6", 1.4 o..


Bucher Depth Raider

The Depth Raider can be cast or trolled for nearly every big game fish. The built-in tail-up buoyanc..


Bucher Depth Raider - Suspending

The legendary DepthRaider 100 straight model crankbait, 1st introduced as a floating diver in 1987, ..


Bucher Jointed Depth Raider

The Depth Raider Jointed provides added action and vibration for those hard to catch fish. Designed ..


Bucher Baby Shallow Raider

The Shallow Raider 5” is one of the best producing trolling lures on the bay of Green Bay. It runs a..


Bucher Shallow Raider

All Shallow Raiders produce action with a straight retrieve or troll and can also be used in a jerkb..


Bucher Jointed Shallow Raider

The Shallow Raider Jointed provides extra action while trying to lure big game fish from tight cover..


Bucher 9" Magnum Shallow Raider

The newest of the Shallow Raider series lures. Produces same great action as the smaller models in a..


Bucher JB Rattler

The JB Rattler is an exceptional lure for big bass, lunker pike, and muskies in a wide variety of co..


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