Re-designed models for 2018 have thicker heads, fuller flashabou tails and all metal beads.

Red October's Boo Tube combines their classic tube with irresistable flashabou on the tail end for extra fish enticing action. Red October's Mid-Depth rig is designed for the 10" Monster and 7.5" Ninja Tube. It works great for casting weededges or breaks in that 5 - 25 ft depth range. You can swim it high in the water column by working it fast or count it down then start your retrieve. Works great with a "Yo-Yo" style pump retrieve, or a stead crank and pump retrieve. Two razor sharp trebles, plus the single on top make this an excellent hooking bait.

One fully rigged tube. 9", 5.1 oz.

Red October Baits 9" Boo Tube - Mid Depth

  • $34.99

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