The Slopmaster Spoon was specifically designed by Hall of Fame Angler Joe Bucher for fishing in and around thick emergent weedy cover such as grass, reeds, bulrushes, lily pads, surface weeds and algae skum. It excels when fished in spots where conventional muskie/pike lures simply can't go.

Fish the Slopmaster Spoon with a large muskie outfit such as a heavy action rod and large baitcasting reel spooled with 80 to 100 pound braided line. An 8 to 12 inch heavy wire leader is also recommended.

Cast the Slopmaster Spoon past the intended target whenever possible and retrieve it back thru the cover. A properly working Slopmaster Spoon swims with a distinct zig zag wobble and the large single hook riding upright at all times. Point the rod directly at the lure as you retrieve it at a steady slow to moderate pace. An increase in speed will force the lure up onto the surface so it can skitter overtop emergent cover. As soon as the lure hits an opening, reduce the speed so the spoon submerges slightly and regains its natural wobble.

When a fish strikes, do not set the hook quickly. Let the fish bend the rod before ramming the hooks home.

8" (5" of spoon, 3" of tinsel), 2.7 oz.

Bucher Slopmaster Spoon

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