The Sniper from Boggs Custom Lures is a soft plastic jerkbait with an unpredictable, random darting action that imitates a dying baitfish. If you've fished the various fluke style baits for bass, you know the effectiveness of a bait like this. The downside of the bass size when it comes to muskies is that they are very much a finesse bait that won't play well with a heavier set up and a more bite proof leader.  

The Sniper is much larger than the bass styles. It is a full 8" long, almost 3/4" wide across the back, 3/4" tall through the belly and weighs 1-1/4oz without the hook. While the belly slot is large enough to handle hooks up to 10/0, Boggs Custom Tackle has paired it with an 8/0 Mustad 32786 with Owner TwistLock in both weighted and unweighted versions (hooks sold separately). With its larger size and bulk it can be cast with heavier casting tackle and heavier lines even without adding any extra weight and it still has that random gliding, slow sinking action with a light wire leader. But it is still best to not overpower the bait and go with the lightest setup you can get away with. Musky Tackle Online has teamed up with Stealth Tackle to come up with a leader that will do the job with their 9" 7 Strand Light Pike leader. Other leaders will work as well. But we like what this one brings to the table. You WILL need to open up the end of the Stay-Lok a bit to be able to attach to the hook eye or attach a split ring for easier on and off.

Rigging it weedless allows it to be fished in places most musky baits cannot be, in and around weeds, wood and rock. Or you can add a treble hook stinger to the main hook (either on top or bottom) if conditions allow.

Don't overlook adding some upward rod twitches during the retrieve, especially when using weighted hooks, as sometimes these work better rather than the standard downward twitches that are used with the bass sized flukes.

Hook Options: Pair the Sniper with the Boggs Tackle Unweighted Sniper Hook and you will get the typical Fluke style action you may be accustomed to. Random darting, slow sinking action. Pair the Sniper with the Weighted Sniper Hook and this will tame down the action some and provide more side to side action.

* Comes 3 to a pack - unrigged

8.25", 1.25 oz

Boggs Custom Lures Sniper - 3 Pack

  • $9.99

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