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Bigtooth Tackle JUICE Bucktails

Yep we know another musky bucktail on the scene.  Most bucktails catch fish but we wanted a combination of what we felt were the important attributes in a great bucktail, and we didn’t leave one thing out!

The Short of it:

  • Hand tied body in the USA
  • Longer Extended front wire
  • Customized bead/body/hook recipe to match different blade/tail sizes
  • Shrink-tubed upper hook on Mag 8/10′s to prevent tangling in the tail
  • .051 wire and slightly lighter overall weight maximize vibration and make the juice perfect for fishing over and around shallow cover
  • Custom tied marabou/flashabou tail allows for ultimate combination of flash and dance in the marabou, and prevents the “wet mop” that over-tied marabou tails can become.
  • Rear hook extended beyond the back of the bait to catch “nippers” and fish that short strike
  • Although .051 wire will bend at times when grabbed by fish, it can also be bent back so you can keep fishing, unlike thicker wire which, initially is might be more durable but is very difficult to straighten.  Thicker wire also means less vibration.

The Long Version:

Have you ever had a bucktail with blades don’t engage?  Yes!  Us too and that sucks!  We have eliminated that through hours and hours at the test tank.   It takes the perfect bead combination to maximize ease of blade rotation.  Add the perfect bead combination along with high quality blades and BOOM! a perfect combination.

Guys who tie flies are anal about their work.  Yep! that’s why our bucktails are tied by a “Fly Guy”.   Hand tied right here in the USA.  It doesn’t stop there.  We have tested and tested and found that too much flashabou in a marabou bucktail can be too much.  We have the perfect combination of marabou and flashabou for each blade size.  Yep each blade size has a different combination.  Just take a look at how the bait comes alive when retrieved.

Bigtooth’s own and renowned Musky Fishing Guide Jeff “Jiggy” Andersen said it’s a must to have the wire extended beyond the top of the blades.  Why you ask?  Because it’s just that small detail that adds vibration by putting a small amount of flex into the whole bait.

Do they work?  Read here about how they helped the crew win one of the largest tournaments in Musky Fishing. (Link to Hooked Up blog post about tournament)


Mini 8’s.  Dealt with a flat calm and sunny day?  “I like those conditions and have had some of my biggest days with what is ordinarily considered ‘tough musky weather’.” Explains Guide Jiggy Andersen.  “Anglers struggle with their confidence and down sizing their bucktails but the JUICE Mini 8’s are deadly.  The bait is magical and I have caught so many fish in conditions that anglers frown at!”

Mag 8’s.  The perfect size for moderate windy conditions but allows you to fish all day.   The medium size blade makes the marabou come to life with just a touch of a sparkle from the flashabou.  Perfect combo?  We think so!

Mag 10’s.  If you’re looking to put out the big vibes look no further.  With customized body, wire length, and bead combination this is a winner especially in big wind and the cover of darkness.



Bigtooth Tackle SOUND SCIENCE Bucktails

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Pete Maina. Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and some really great product ideas. We are equally excited to release the Pete Maina "Sound Science" series of Bucktails offered through Bigtooth Tackle Company. We have redesigned, retested, and revamped the "Sound Science" bucktails. Our development TEAM put them through rigorous tests to make sure they operate how they are suppose to and Holy Buckets do they catch fish!!!

More on the Pete Maina "Sound Science" Bucktail:
Pete Maina has been in the big fish game for too many moons to count but there is one thing we know for sure. Pete knows what it takes to catch giant fish. After years and years of field testing, tinkering in his garage, and keeping it secret from his fellow fishing buddies, Pete has released the secret “Sound Science” bucktail.

Driven by sets of uniquely paired but different blades is what makes the Sound Science Bucktail different than the traditional bucktails on the market today. What Pete found is by using two different blades the bucktail puts out a different frequency of sound that the muskies have not heard. “It was amazing on some of the toughest days of filming, Sound Science Bucktails were the only thing that would get bites. It was truly special to see how the muskies would react to a sound and vibration they have never heard or felt.” says the musky master Pete Maina.

The Pete Maina Sound Science line-up of bucktails offered through Bigtooth Tackle has proven itself to out-perform and out-catch other big fish baits. Each of the different blade configurations sends out a slightly different sound wave, which is why the Sound Science can make a difference in getting bit!

Bigtooth Tackle Pete Maina Sound Science Bucktails:

  • Offered in fivee proven fish catching blade combinations. (Pulsator, Sonic Boom, Rolling Thunder, After Shock, Tremor)
  • Sound Science - Uniquely paired blades that give monster fish a new noise - calling them in to strike.
  • Extremely durable - yet still flexible - skirt materials that comes in proven fish catching colors.
  • Super sharp, quality treble hooks that will hang on to those monster fish.
  • Heavy-duty wire that helps avoid mangled baits, giving you less time tuning and more time fishing.
  • Years of testing to insure blade rotation.
  • All quality components are perfectly balanced, to ensure the bucktails track true in the water.
  • Bigtooth’s BrNO KeelWt to help prevent a rolling bucktail.


Bigtooth Tackle Sound Science Tremor

Oh yeah now we are talking! The Tremor is like the perfect size of apple pie, not too large, but jus..

$18.99 $23.99

Bigtooth Tackle JUICE Bucktail - Mag 10s

If you’re looking to put out the big vibes look no further.  With customized body, wire length,..

$22.99 $28.99

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