Videos - Tips, Tricks & More

Lindner's Angling Edge

100 inches of Musky in one Net!!!

Why Mid Summer Musky Love Top Water Baits

The Fun of Top Water River Musky Fishing

Northwest Ontario Bucktail Colors

Flat Line High Speed Trolling

Flat Line Trolling

Musky Hunting

Taking the Mystery out of Early Season Musky Hunting

Top Five Small River Musky Baits

Monster Muskies in Weeds

Monster Musky Eats Smallmouth - Fish of a Lifetime


Caiden "The Muskie Kid" Ramsell

Beginner's Guide - What You Need - Release Tools

Trolling for Muskies Using Side Imaging

How to Troll for Muskie Without a Line Counter Reel

How To - Suick Thrillers

Church Tackle TX44 Planer Board Setup


Pete Maina

Lures During Cold Fronts

Fish on Top of Structure

Patterning Muskies on Flats with GPS

Fishing the Windy Side

Trolling to Learn Lakes

Pay Attention to Everything on the Water (Part 1)

Pay Attention to Everything on the Water (Part 2)

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