The Phantom Freak topwater lure is made in the U.S.A. of solid high impact plastic and stainless steel components.

The Phantom FREAK topwater lure can be retrieved fast or slow in calm or rough water. The lures are hand tuned to produce a popping and thrashing sound with a bonus hook induced clacking noise that drives big fish FREAK’IN Crazy!

Like ALL Phantom products, the Phantom FREAK works great right out of the box, but the strong metal blades can be tuned by the angler by slightly bending to achieve a lighter or deeper “pop”!


5.5", 2.75 oz.

Phantom Freaks with E-Chip Technology. 

The EChip is the world's first microchip for bait. It replicates the voltage discharged by the nervous system of live bait.  Electro-Location is one method fish use to determine what and where to strike.


The five sensory systems fish utilize to feed include:


Sight: fish have good eyesight but don't see well in poor conditions or at close range. Cloudy water, dirty water and deep dark water inhibit sight.
Smell: important for some fish but scent trails are narrow and inaccurate for catching prey.
Sound: sounds travels fast in water but it is very inaccurate for predators at close range.
Vibration: critical for general attraction to a region but it is also inaccurate at close range.
Electro Sensitivity: critical for triggering strikes and enabling fish to exactly locate and strike their prey.

Phantom Lures Freak

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