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Baker Mouth Spreader
Made of genuine hand-drawn galvanized spring steel Instantly locks fish mouths wide ope..
Stealth Tackle Line Spooler
The Stealth Tackle Line Spooling Station features an adjustable spring-loaded tension-control sys..
Rapala 11" Long Reach Pliers
Easily reach deep hooked baits and other hard to reach hooks with ease. Truly one of those "How d..
Muskie Bumper Bump Boards
Muskie Bumper Bumpboards: We didn't come up with the concept of measuring fish or bump boards, we..
FishHard Roll Away Bump Board by Tyrant Tackle
The FishHard Roll Away Bump Board: 1) Made out of heavy duty double woven vinyl with a ..
MTO 60" Retractable Tape Measure
Self retracting soft tape that is great for getting accurate girth measurements or overall length..
8" Knipex Lever Action Center Cutter 7101200
The KNIPEX Compact Bolt Cutter is a "clever muscle man". The ingeniously designed lever action me..
8" Knipex Lever Action Center Cutter w/ Spring - 7112200
The KNIPEX Compact Bolt Cutter is a "clever muscle man". The ingeniously designed lever action me..
Bucher 8" Hook Cutter
Cut through hooks with ease! ..
Baker 9.5" HookOut
Baker HooKouT safely removes hooks, artificial lures and delicate flies with its powerful, sp..
Tyrant Tackle Hook Out
Tyrant Tackle's Hook Out is a great tool for all musky and big game fisherman. In the past to rel..
Tyrant Tackle Jaw Spreader
Unique fish friendly design. Keeps the mouth of any predator fish open without damaging the fishe..
Tyrant Tackle Split Ring Pliers
High quality split ring pliers 7"  ..
AFW Econo Crimping Pliers
These Carbon Steel crimping pliers have four dies designed to crimp double barrel leader sleeves...
Hi-Seas Pro Hand Swager
The same as the popular Carbon Steel model AFW Econo Crimpling Pliers only drop forged from stain..
Dadson Blade Baits Daggerfiles
Dadson Daggerfiles are big heavy duty files that shred through any size hook!  They will mak..
Bucher 5" Premium Hook File
Current Bucher hook files have a blue handle, unlike what is pictured. The actual file is the ..
Luhr Jensen Hook File
New and improved hook sharpening file from Luhr Jensen. It has the same look as their old hook fi..
Tyrant Tackle Hook File
File is 4". Overall length including handle is 7 3/4". ..
Rapala Super Line Scissors
Serrated cutting edge specially designed to grip and hold tough braided line for easy, non-slip c..
AFW Crimping Tool
This crimping tool is for single barrel crimps up to size #6. ..
Mend-it is a "non-glue" which binds soft plastic baits together by chemically "melting" them, cre..
Musky Mayhem Shrink Tube - 4 Pack
A 4 pack of Musky Mayhem's shrink tube. Perfect for when you need to replace hooks on your Musky ..
Pro's Soft Bait Glue
Musky Tackle Online recommends Pro's Soft Bait Glue as the best fishing glue on the market. L..
Phantom Lures Glue
Replacement Tail Adhesive. More pure than a typical store bought super glue type substance for a ..
Suick Lures - 6 Piece Weight Kit
This 6 piece weight kit from Suick is designed to customize your Suicks to add more weight to eac..
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