The Walkin’ Raider is a uniquely designed topwater lure that has a pronounced zig-zag action commonly referred to as “walkin’ the dog”.  When worked properly this lure will zig-zag back and forth at both fast or slow speeds enabling you to trigger fish in a wide range of water temperatures and weather conditions.

For best results fish the Walkin’ Raider on a very stiff extra heavy action 6 ½ to 7’ 9” rod and a large baitcast reel loaded with 80 # braid line.

Point the rod tip low and slightly off to one side while working the Walkin’ Raider with short rod jerks while simultaneously picking up slack with your retrieve. Speed or slow down your cadence until you find an action the fish like best on any given day.

8", 5 oz.

Bucher Walkin' Raider

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