The Sinister Shad not only swims with its kicking paddle tail and quite a bit of belly roll but it also has a tendency to hunt from side to side....which is always good in any bait. This little shad, even though small by musky bait standards, is a viable option especially in shad forage based systems ....or in the early season when the fish seem to prefer the smaller baits .......or during cold front conditions when the fish are lethargic and are not interested in the larger standard size offerings.

The body is injected molded with a hollow cavity and features an insert slot that allows the hook/weight to be inserted after the body is produced. This system lets you customize the weight and/or hook size to match conditions. A belly treble can be easily changed out if desired or it can be fished without it.

Runs 3 to 6 feet on a medium, steady retrieve. Rigged with a 3/4 oz head, 7/0 Mustad ultra point main hook and swivel mounted VMC 2/0 treble belly hook.

6", 2.5 oz

Boggs Custom Lures Sinister Shad

  • $14.99

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