New for 2023 is the 7.25" Split Belly Swimbait.
Its size of a touch over 7" is a very common baitfish size for muskies, pike, trout, stripers and bass...not to mention many saltwater species.
Made from soft plastic this swimbait features a deep belly slot, 3-D eyes and has enough weight for long casts even on musky tackle.
When swimming, its heavy, oversized tail produces lots of thump while its streamlined body promotes lots of belly roll and side to side head movement.
These are rigged with the treble hook rig and a 5/0 hook.
These swimbaits can be fished slow and shallow almost like a wake bait even with heavy line and leaders.
By switching the 5/0 to a larger 7/0 or 8/0 heavier treble hook the bait will run deeper and handle a touch more speed.
For really deep and/or faster presentations you can stabilize the bait even more by simply adding a bass casting sinker to the split ring that connects the hook to the wire frame... a 3/8 to a 1/2 works very well.  
The use of a large weighted swimbait hook works too and allows an almost totally weedless presentation in heavy cover situations.
For a unique presentation try split ringing a blade assembly to the front wire frame to create an inline spinner with a wild action that your fish haven't seen.

7.25", 1.9 oz

Boggs Custom Lures 7.25" Swimbait - Split Belly - Rigged

  • $8.49

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