Sometimes it takes a little crazy to get crazy and the Pulsator fits the bill. It's a wild one with unbelievably erratic blade action. Put the cherry on top with a HUGE flash from the willow blade and you have a bucktail that the fish have never seen!


  • #9 indiana and #7 Willow Blades
  • Sound Science - Uniquely paired blades that give monster fish a new noise - calling them in to strike.
  • Extremely durable - yet still flexible - skirt materials that comes in proven fish catching colors.
  • Super sharp, quality treble hooks that will hang on to those monster fish.
  • Heavy-duty wire that helps avoid mangled baits, giving you less time tuning and more time fishing.
  • Years of testing to insure blade rotation.
  • All quality components are perfectly balanced, to ensure the bucktails track true in the water.
  • Bigtooth's BrNO KeelWt to help prevent a rolling bucktail.
  • Bigtooth Tackle Sound Science Pulsator

    • $24.99
    • $19.99

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